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Acument Acument
LPS has entered into a licensing agreement with Acument Inc, USA for manufacturing and marketing 'Acument®' brand of proprietary products. Acument is one of the world’s leading mechanical fastening producers, known for some of the longest-standing and most trusted brand names in industry. The businesses of Acument™ Global Technologies provide fastening and assembly solutions to customers in more than 150 countries worldwide. Acument® drive systems improve assembly line productivity, thereby reducing cost.


LPS has signed an agreement with EJOT to manufacture in India the Delta PT® and ALtracs® screws. EJOT DELTA PT® Self-tapping fasteners for plastics.

The EJOT DELTA PT® has been developed from many years of practice leading the market in screw joint technology into thermoplastic materials. The result is a tough fastener that gives safety and reliability even in severe applications.

The EJOT DELTA PT® screw is a proven fastener element for thermoplastics, which can also be used in many thermosetting plastics. EJOT ALtracs® Self-tapping fastener for lightweight metal.

EJOT ALtracs® screws are fasteners specially developed to maximize strength in assemblies made of light alloy.
Image1 Dorken
As specialists in multifunctional micro-layer anti-corrosion systems DORKEN develops, manufactures, and configures extremely effective surface protection treatments for the automobile industry and other industrial sectors. LPS has signed a license agreement with DORKEN to provide finishing coatings in Delta Tone and Delta Seal. DORKEN also advise its users, coating specialists, and plant engineers worldwide on all matters relating to their use of its products. Their clients profit thereby from over 110 years of technological know-how that they have at their disposal as a subsidiary of Ewald D’o’rken AG.

Image1 Asyst
LPS, has a tie up with Asyst to market their products. Asyst is offering their products for modular adjustment systems for integration into headlamp housings, Right angle gear drive for higher loads easily intengrated into the headlamp and motorized systems for dynamic leveling. Also offering products for adjusters for Air conditioning, electrical motors and water pumps.

Image1 Flowdrill
LPS, has a technical tie up with Flowdrill to market their products. Flowdrill is offering solutions to eliminate brazed, riveted and welded nuts by forming nuts directly in the base metal. The solutions can be adopted on automated systems.

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